Observation: Ant Knolls

Observation Date: 
Observer Name: 
Mark Staples
Salt Lake
Location Name or Route: 
American Fork, Silver Creek, Ant Knolls
Weather Comments: 
Winds picking up, storm approaching
Snow Characteristics
Snow Characteristics Comments: 

We initially found pretty weak and faceted surface snow up Silver Creek. As we rode above treeline, we observed a hard surface from recent winds. We then went further up American Fork and rode around the Ant Knolls. The snow surface was hardly faceted in this area. We looked on most aspects except West.

Snow Profile

Can't find our pit location on the map. See coordinates in profile in curious. Snowpack looked strong. I think the ECT didn't propagate as much as it caused the whole block to tip over a the ground. There was some dirt stuck to the bottom of the column.

Surface hoar at the snow surface was knocked over and we didn't think it'd be a problem. There were some small facets as well but did not appear to be too loose and cohesionless. They were hard to find.

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